Rejoined is a body of work that considers the concept of modern perfection seeking and image. The significance of flaws, both perceived and actual inspire the aesthetic language of Rejoined. Precious materials and color are employed to contemplate these perceptions and reflect on a re-framed perspective; while three of the most historically important blues, Prussian Blue, Cobalt Blue and Lapis Lazuli dominate the body of work in full force.



Through a process of creation, destruction and re-creation I explore the concept of crisis and surrender.  Cutting and reassembly of painted canvas, and gestures of destruction and covering allow me to explore a symbolic materialism in my art form.  This gives me the opportunity to discover how crisis can disrupt an existing state, and how surrender can manifest new concepts and ideas, and reshape previously held perceptions.

Binary Soldiers

Being granted a position to the Slade School of Fine Art Painting in Contemporary Practice summer study allowed me to challenge my current practice while exploring the use of exhibition as a tool to deepen my process and drive work rather than conclude as a final destination.  This experience made significant changes to the way I approach my practice and as our course integrated into a shared exhibition space that concurrently served as our studio, we pursued our work individually but alongside our peers and drew upon a collective participation to reflect back into our own work.

After the course I was deeply inspired to continue this conversation and in my pursuit to not feel disconnected by distance and confined by the physical space of a gallery (or lack thereof), I created a virtual exhibition space called 011 Gallery based exclusively in social media.  Immersed in the center of the tech world I pursue painting as an opportunity to reflect upon the conflicting emotionality of progress and nostalgia and personal connection, versus digital connectivity.  The 0 and the 1 represent binary code, and I consider this project an evolving piece of work. The 011 Gallery will take on a life of it’s own as each artist that exhibits will then choose the next group.  Through a nomination process each artist will make contact, either digitally or in real life, with a fellow artist that compels them in a way that can feed back into their own work, and this interaction in turn will further explore the possibilities of conversation via digital connectivity.

In Between

This series presented here took form during a personal sabbatical in Turkey which was shortly after my first formal art studies in London, Summer 2015.  Through these two commingled experiences I was inspired to explore a process of gestures, muted tones, and abstracted shapes to reflect on a concept of an imagined space between emotions, a sort of border of a feeling just before it takes it's form.  While the bright and deeply saturated tones demonstrate fully developed feelings, the uncommitted muted hues are layered and separated to carry a lightness of presence while still holding a space in the composition as an echo of imagined promises for a deeper existence.

Ordinary Objects
I am inspired by how nostalgic memories are invoked by ordinary objects with simplistic functions but provocative suggestions.  I am interested in the process of exploring how the shapes and boundaries of ordinary objects can be be extended and suspended into a composition that evokes a surreal sensation.