Slade School of Fine Art, 2016
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Born and raised in Los Angeles, early life was heavily influenced by the surreal culture of Hollywood and it’s surrounding suburban expanse.  This unique environment was very influential in promoting my creativity while at the same time hindering my sense of reality.  It was a time and place of paradoxes, and the joy of illusion was a completely normal state of mind, and some might even say a compulsory part of growing up in La La Land.

I began painting in my mid twenties paralleling my fashion career, and as my professional creativity evolved, so did my desire to realize my personal and pure artistic expression unhindered by commercial or conventional applications.

My painting practice experienced a transformation after spending many short but intense periods of time studying fine art at the Slade in London over the last 5 years. I learned how to cultivate a state of mind that is absent of all judgments and reason in order to deliver an honest artistic expression that is conceived outside of all aesthetic and moral preoccupation.  I seek to develop a unique visual language of shape, form, color and composition which are independent from visual references in the world but serve to liberate my thoughts, emotions, and moral conflicts while inspiring the viewer to do the same, if only for the moment.

Painting since 2010.